Nutritional Programs for Corporations

“Each year, over $33 billion in medical cost and $9 billion in lost productivity due to heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are attributed to poor nutrition.” – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Uhling Consulting offers customizable, professional Corporate Wellness Programs that can improve your business’ bottom line. Providing practical resources, education, and personalized nutrition counseling, our programs can improve health insurance costs, employee health status, and performance. Choose a program that fits your business’ health and economic preference.

Private Nutrition Counseling

Private nutrition counseling is designed for busy lifestyles, offering the beneficial service of a qualified registered dietitian at the work site. An initial consultation is scheduled with the registered dietitian to discuss and evaluate general wellness and/or as a follow-up to medical screening programs (e.g. cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes). Consultation includes a personal review of the participant’s health history, a determination of nutritional goals and a detailed analysis of dietary intake. Additional nutrition counseling program services are available and based on the registered dietitian’s recommendations.

Prevention Programs

Educate your employees on the benefits of good nutrition and lifestyle change for disease prevention. Programs are conducted during your company’s health fair or scheduled wellness events. Topics include Heart Health, Diabetes Prevention, Bone Health, Cancer Prevention, General Wellness & Weight Loss, and Women’s Health.

Nutrition Lectures

Lectures are designed to be fun and interactive, educating both men and women to understand basics of nutrition topics that lead participants to a healthier lifestyle. Lectures can be given in conjunction with a cooking demonstration. Topics include: Eating for Wellness, Know Your Nutrients, Mindful Eating and Holiday Eating.

To learn more about setting up nutrition services within your organization, call 602.341.5248 or email.

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