Nutrition Counseling

Every Registered Dietitian at Uhling Consulting takes pleasure in creating an individualized plan for success with each patient. This is accomplished by gaining a thorough assessment of each patient’s current status, listening to patients discuss dietary needs, preferences and challenges and then working as a team to educate, empower and monitor changes.

Nutrition counseling can be a life changing path that will enhance energy levels, minimize some existing symptoms, positively affect weight, body composition and laboratory values. Using evidence-based practice, RDs counsel each patient on behavioral and lifestyle changes necessary to positively affect long-term eating habits and health. Whether you’re living with diabetes, cancer, hypertension, kidney disease or any number of conditions or you simply wish to address weight or general wellness goals, nutritional counseling is an ideal proactive tool.

It is most helpful to plan for an initial visit and at least four follow up sessions to obtain sufficient education and training and then recommendations for minor diet/lifestyle adjustments once you begin your new nutrition plan. You can expect a 90-minute initial appointment followed by  several follow up visits.

Medical Nutrition Therapy and Nutrition Consult Includes:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessment
  • Determining nutrition diagnosis
  • Disease-­specific interventions and education
  • Personalized nutrient analysis
  • Specialized menu and meal planning
  • Individualized support
  • Goal setting
  • Unlimited communication with our nutrition professionals
  • Accountability and support through follow-up appointments
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress over subsequent visits with an RD

To schedule nutrition counseling, call 602.341.5248 or email.

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