From Our Clients…

Your knowledge-based, gentle way and total understanding of food and it’s role in our health was a comforting experience for both my husband and I.

I went to the heart doctor today (my) BP went down from 150 over 90 to ..ok ready for this! 110 over 84. Wow right, and since they last saw me last , I lost 10lbs. They even cut my BP medicine in half! I’m so happy! I owe it all to you! Teaching me how to eat right again and encouraging me to exercise! Being that positive person in my life that keeps me trying! – M. Jones

I’ve seen one of your consultants…and I wanted to thank her for helping my kidneys get better with the proper diet. My (kidney) function went up significantly. Thank you. – Jeffrey R.

My BP has gone from 156/96 to 110/76… and I have dropped 7 lbs since our appointment. I started riding my bike 30 minutes a day. This change in my eating habits and minor exercise has made drastic changes in my life and my level of energy. Thank you for your assistance! – Rob K.

First I would like to tell you that must be a magician. I am absolutely impressed with your skills. The time you spent with me has made a huge difference in my blood sugar and I am eternally grateful for that. Since I saw you I think I had one sugar at 202 and the rest have been all the way from 89 to 173. Mostly 118 to 126 range. That is truly a remarkable change for me. Thank you so very very much. I have been able to hold my insulin (Levemir) to 120 units twice a day AM & PM and my Novolog at 30 Units per meal, also a remarkable accomplishment. I just wanted to thank you for your remarkable skills in making sense. I look forward to seeing you again. Both my wife and I are convinced the appointment with you was the best thing ever. – Charlie N.

I have and will continue to recommend Uhling Consulting to people who ask me how I have lost the weight and kept it off. My kidney doctor asked for the referral because he has never seen me with such good blood test results.

No guilt, just a plan for eating. My dietitian helped give me good choices when eating out and it did not mean just salads. REAL FOOD!

I knew instantly that my nutritionist would be there to guide me every step of the way. She has truly helped me to change my life.

I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed. With the help of Uhling Consulting, I learned how to understand nutrition labels and introduce healthier things into my diet.

Thanks for all your help with my whole family (and) teaching (us) the proper way to eat. You have been such a huge help to all of us, I always pass out your name. – Julia J.

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